Contemporary Midwestern Folk Music Poster
Concert Poster for an evening of Contemporary Midwestern Folk Music
CareerLaunch Logo Redesign
Identity redesign for CareerLaunch, an effort of the Boys and Girls Club of America.
Ben Smith: Any Place is Home
This is a cd design for Ben Smith, a songwriter and progressive bluegrass musician from St. Louis, Missouri.
WIBS-NEO Identity
A logo for the WIBS-NEO Bioaerosol Sensor, a product from Droplet Measurement Technologies.
Dark City Dark Country Album Design
CD Design for John Henry's album "Dark City Dark Country", which was released in 2016.
STL Positive Change Identity
Identity for STL Positive Change, the rebrand of the Ferguson Commission in St. Louis, MO.
Kevin Bowers: Nova
Album design for Kevin Bowers’ recording, “Nova”
EN-SCI Identity
Identity for En-Sci, a company that makes ozone measurement equipment.
Blueprint Coffee Release Poster
Bauhaus-themed poster for Blueprint Coffee, a boutique coffee roaster and cafe in St. Louis, MO.
Gringo Identity design.
Mapping Arts Project Art Exhibition
Mapping Arts Project Exhibition
Meet the Blues Poster
A poster for a concert and community outreach event at KDHX.
Pi Can Glass
Pi Pizza Can Glass Design
Pi Pizza: Menu Redesign
Pi Pizza menu design
KDHX 2015 Fall Drive Materials
Fall pledge drive graphics for KDHX, a community radio station in St. Louis, MO.
St. Louis in a Box Identity
Identity for St. Louis in a Box, a company that sends little pieces of home to STL expats around the world.
String Village Identity
String Village identity for Kevin Buckley, a renowned Irish fiddler, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.
Green Strum Logo
Green Strum Rebranding
Live at KDHX Vol. 12 - CD Design
Live at KDHX vol. 12 CD design
First Night 2009
Poster design for 2009 First Night.
Antigone Poster
Poster for the St. Louis Actors' Studio production of Jean Anoulih's "Antigone"
KDHX Spring Pledge Drive Materials
KDHX is for ME campaign
Folk School of St. Louis - Fiddle Contest Poster
Poster for the Folk School of Saint Louis' First Annual Fiddle Contest. Photo by Corey Woodruff
New Year's Rulin's: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie
Poster for "New Years Rulin's: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie"
Folk School Logo
Folk School St. Louis Identity
Whisker Lickins Deli Slices Packaging Design
Packaging Design for Whisker Lickins Deli Slices
Collector's Edition Logo
Collector's Edition branding.
Mud House Coffee & Kitchen - Menu
Mud House Menu design
Beth Bombara - Raise Your Flag
Beth Bombara "Raise Your Flag" album design.
KDHX: The Stage & Magnolia Café Identity
Logos for The Stage and Magnolia Café, part of KDHX in St. Louis
Folk School Grand Celebration Poster
Folk School Grand Celebration Poster
Folk School is for Me Campaign
Electronic ad campaign for Folk School
Poster for Crow
Poster for the theatrical production of "Crow".
West End Grill and Pub Identity
Logo for the West End Grill and Pub, an upscale Gastropub in St. Louis, Missouri
Proposals Poster
Poster for the Saint Louis Actors' Studio production of "Proposals"
Blackbird Arts & Research Identity
Blackbird Arts & Research identity.
2008 St. Louis Cardinals Yearbook
Design for the 2008 St. Louis Cardinals yearbook, "A Day In the Life of Busch Stadium."
Missouri American Water Brochure
Public relations brochure for Missouri American Water Company
2013 Saint Louis Folk & Roots Festival Materials
Poster and branding for the 2013 Saint Louis Folk and Roots Festival.
Full Harvest Partners Branding
Logo for Full Harvest, a division of Chess Ag Partners, an agriculture-focused investment fund.
Cardinals Gameday Magazine
A selection of spreads I designed for Cardinals Gameday Magazine.
Corey Woodruff Photography Identity
Identity for Corey Woodruff Photography, a full-service photography business based out of St. Louis, Missouri.
Medal of Honor Rag Poster
Poster for Saint Louis Actors Studio's production of Medal of Honor Rag.
Killer Rock Jam Poster
Concert poster for an event to raise money for the production of the movie The Bloodfest Club, a horror film.
Poster - Anders Parker
Concert Poster for Anders Parker, Jon Hardy and the Public, and The Dive Poets
Blueprint Coffee Website
Website for Blueprint Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster and café based in St. Louis.
Tashie Baking Identity
Identity for Tashie Baking, a company based in North Carolina.
Cassie Morgan - A Day Longer
Cassie Morgan EP Design
Bartenders' Charity Ball
Poster for the Bartenders' Charity Ball
Josh Kaufman American So and So
Josh Kaufman CD Design
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