In 2008 the St. Louis Cardinals chose the theme of their yearbook to be "A Day in the Life of Busch Stadium". I was tasked to create a way of visually representing each hour of the day at a glance, then incorporate that "clock" into a cohesive and appealing layout. 
I chose the approach of a non-traditional clock, represented by a sliding scale down the right and left sides of each spread. With each hour the slider moves and then connects with the exact time at the top of the spread. This treatment allowed me to provide the end user a functional means of flipping to certain hours of the day at a glance while still creating a unique and engaging reading experience.
The other part of the project involved creating a template for displaying the Cardinals' roster in a baseball card-like format at the end of the yearbook. This theme had to relate visually and thematically with the rest of the yearbook, but also distinguish itself as a separate section from the overall theme.

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