I was recently approached by a new St. Louis startup called St. Louis in a Box about creating an identity for their business. St. Louis in a Box packages up STL-centric goodies and send them to homesick expats around the globe. Whether it's Dad's Oatmeal cookies or Syberg's wing sauce, recipients of an STL box are getting a little piece of home delivered to their doorstep.
The client wanted a one-color, easily “stampable” identity, and it needed to scream “STL!!”. That initial direction led me down the path of trying to figure out what was most iconic about St. Louis that would also hold up in a variety of sizes & applications. I chose to make a figurative box using the iconic St. Loius skyline, and incorporated the fleur de lis from the flag as part of the design. I chose the script St. Louis typeface as a way to soften the very crisp lines of the skyline profile. The clean san serif type for “in a box” helps echo the geometry of the container around it and provides a bold complement to the symbol above.
This was a really fun project, and if you're looking for a taste of home, check out St. Louis in a Box at stlouisbox.com.

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